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Closed loop cash banking solution

Moving your cannabis cash back into the system

No more worries, work around's or operating at risk. We move your money back into the system free and clear without limitations or restrictions.

Real Business Begins with Real Banking

Anything less costs you time, money and slows growth. 
The life blood of any business is its cash flow & ability to use it at will.
Success requires total financial control free from restrictions

The Challenge has been ...

We all know the struggles and challenges of limited banking and cash solutions. Most if not all MRB's are facing the same challenge. The ripple effect is felt industry wide with restrictions and delays put on all aspects of financial management. The question is, how to operate a cannabis business in a digital economy without access. While cannabis is legal in many states, banks are conservative and many have decided to avoid the market all together leaving companies out in the cold, unable to secure traditional business banking services.

Protecting and Growing your capital

The name of the game is profit

It's not how much you make but how much you keep. With the already high cost of business operations and the added taxes makes it vital to make every dollar count.

Calculating the true cost of operating in the grey area, under the table or with nonstandard or limited banking it is guaranteed your bleeding money you shouldn't. be. We are here to fix that.

Accesss Modern Banking

Don't gamble with your money

Upgrading to iCann's premium cash banking program provides assurance that every aspect of your money is safe, secure and available when you need it. A rock solid solution providing state of the art efficiencies and hands free operation. Now you can focus on what's most important.

Private Banking Services

Complete Cash Solutions

Finally enjoy traditional full featured banking and our closed loop cash processing program without the high cost, risk or restrictions of non-standard programs giving you peace of mind with end-to-end control.

Premium programs specially
designed for all cannabis businesses


Testing and Lab Services


Processors & Packaging



CBD & Medical


Ancillary Companies

Getting Started
is Easy

  • Needs Assessment All of our engagements begin with a call to determine your needs, goals and challenges. This alows us to implement the solution that works best for your business.
  • New Account Application This step is the first in establishing your new traditional business checking account. It includes the normally expected documentation
  • Execute Agreeements After your application has been approved, the last step is to execute all new account forms, setup online banking, order checks, debit cards, auto bill pay etc.
  • Installation and Setup With your new banking account now open, the next step is the installation, setup and training on your iCann closed loop cash vault solution.