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Insurance requirements for the production of cannabis, hemp and CBD are complex and ever-changing.  Our top-of-the-crop team of experts understands each and every unique underwriting intricacy of the cannabis industry. We effectively assess the exposures and needs of our agency partners’ cannabis risks and provide tailor-made, winning insurance solutions.

Areas of Specialization

Growers & Cultivators

Cultivators are confronted with a wide range of dangers including fire, theft and equipment breakdown. Our focus is to provide relevant solutions to address or reduce many of these exposures, including but not limited to, living plant coverage, goods in process, finished stock, product liability and business interruption coverage.

Dispensaries & Retailers

Burglary, vandalism, fire, theft and other hazards can strike a dispensary at any moment. In the event of a disaster, most dispensaries would not be able to survive without financial stress. We offer general and product liability insurance, property coverage and more to mitigate the risk associated with these threats.

Processors & Manufacturers

Processors and manufacturers of cannabis and hemp concentrates and edible products carry many of the same standards and regulatory requirements as vendors of everyday consumer-based products. Understanding the risks associated with those regulations, ICB provides clients with leading-edge coverage solutions, including but not limited to, product liability and product recall.

Property Owners & Managers

There are inherent exposures and challenges that landlords in the marijuana industry face. We have successfully provided coverage for industrial properties, warehouses, greenhouses, strip malls, office buildings and more for landlords leasing to cannabis facilities and other businesses in the legal cannabis industry.

Testing Labs

Local and state involvement in testing cannabis products is increasing every day. ICB provides insurance against general and professional liability for testing labs.

Ancillary Business

ICB provides a variety of insurance products to ancillary businesses that serve the legal marijuana industry, such as hydroponic stores, glass blowers, tobacco and smoking device manufacturers and more.

Transportation Services

Cannabis transportation is now becoming a key element in the thriving cannabis industry. Cannabis businesses, from cultivators to retailers, need to bring products safely from point A to point B, but there are significant risks related to transportation. Business owners can either carry commercial auto policies for owned vehicles or hired, non-owned coverage for employees using personal vehicles.

Secure Transport

The transportation of marijuana is a necessary part of the cannabis industry. From seed and extraction to testing and manufacturing, or any combination, there is a risk to all parties as the most valuable stage of the finished product is at risk of theft. As a result, dispensaries, cultivators and extraction companies have turned to delivery services to protect their product from loss. Insuring the delivery of the finished product is a must for any successful cannabis/hemp business.

Coverage Products

General Liability

Protection against claims involving third-party injuries on the premises and property damage resulting from business operations.

Cyber Liability

Broad first-party and third-party coverage with access to expert cyber security services and claims professionals.


Protection against crimes such as employee dishonesty, theft, and fraud.

Product Liability

Protection against claims of bodily injury and property damage caused by products or services supplied through the business.

Living Plant (Crop)

Coverage for viable vegetation in a controlled, indoor environment still rooted in a growth medium.

Professional Liability

Protection against claims that a professional service or product you provided caused a customer financial harm.

Umbrella (Primary/Excess)

Additional liability insurance for when claims exceed the coverage limits of an existing liability policy.

Auto (Primary/Excess/HNOA

Coverage for physical damage and bodily injury involving a company-owned vehicle or vehicle driven for business-related purposes.

Inland Marine

Protection for property or goods in transit.

Open Peril or Special Cause of Loss Property

Protection against damage caused by any peril except those specifically excluded in the policy.

Workers’ Compensation

Coverage for the expenses, including wages and benefits, pertaining to work-related employee injury or illness.

Product Withdrawal/Recall

Coverage for an instance in which your product is recalled or withdrawn from the market because of known or suspected defects or tampering, which has caused or is reasonably expected to cause injury.

Equipment Breakdown

This Coverage applies to the cost to repair or replace the equipment and any other property damaged by an equipment breakdown.

Directors & Officers

Directors & Officers Coverage for losses arising as a result of wrongful act allegations and lawsuits brought against the directors or officers of a company.

Difference in Conditions

An “all risks” property insurance policy that is purchased in addition to a commercial property policy to obtain coverage for perils not insured against in the commercial property policy.

Stock & Inventory

Stock and Inventory
Coverage for manufactured products ready for sale or packaged and sealed inventory containing marijuana buds or its derivatives; no harvested or growing plants fall into this class.

Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability
Protection against claims that an employee’s legal rights have been violated as a result of discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, etc.


Coverage for partially completed goods, such as cannabis buds and flowers that have been harvested and are in the curing phase of production, that are not yet ready for sale. No stock or crops fall into this category.

Business Interuption

Business Interruption Coverage for loss of income
suffered by a business when damage to the premises
by a covered cause of loss causes a slowdown or
suspension of operations.